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Flame Keeper Society Membership$37

Join a society brave enough to take on the challenge of preserving the ways of producing abundance for our loved ones - with seeds, soil, sunlight, bees, plants, water and trees. Conducting the symphony of Life!

Here's everything you're getting access to today:

FLAME KEEPER'S ABUNDANCE CODE- Lay the foundations for years of successful harvests with less work; Nature's way. 

THE LOST SEASON- Don't miss out on harvests due to hot or cold weather! Discover every possible way to extend your season. Bananas in the mountains. Lettuce in hot summers. Grow year-round!

HOMEGROWN MEDICINE CABINET- grow, harvest, and transform plants into potent medicine for long life and vibrant health.

TRASH INTO TREASURE - convert household "wastes" into powerful fertilizers that make plants grow robust and strong.

SCHOOL OF PERMACULTURE - learn how to design any property for abundance with water harvesting, soil building, and nutrient-flows.

BOUNTIFUL BUCKETS - quickly grow massive harvests of nutrient-dense vegetables and herbs in very small spaces. 

MAGNIFICENT MUSHROOMS - grow rare and delicious mushrooms with extraordinary health benefits and flavors indoors, in any climate.

FLAME KEEPER FORUM - Connect, trade seeds and ideas, gather inspiration, and harvest friendships in an exclusive members-only online forum (coming soon).

MANY more trainings and ways to connect coming soon!

All for an absurdly low $37/month (probably less than your water bill).

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